Dobeck Performance – AFR Auto-Tune System – GEN 4 for UTV(s)


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Many Models

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Will fit:
Many Models

BETTER FUEL MILEAGE – The AFR pays for itself! SAVING YOU $$$
The information the AFR gauge displays is all you need to get the best fuel mileage out of your vehicle. The AFR can be used alone or in combination with your existing fuel controller or mapping software. With a low retail cost, the AFR can pay for itself in ONLY 3500 miles.

BETTER HORSEPOWER and TORQUE – The AFR allows your vehicle to be optimized to get the best horsepower and torque for the current modifications.

FUEL INJECTION CONTROL – AUTO-TUNE or FUEL TRIMMING – The AFR has built in a piggy-back EFI control system. A piggy-back EFI control system is one where it does not replace the stock ECU, but rather monitors the signals to the injectors and makes fuel adjustments based on the mode settings. The AFR can be computer programmed into an auto-tune or a fuel trimming operation mode. The auto-tune mode instantly makes adjustments to the fuel curve based on the wideband O2 sensor input to match the user’s desired AFR value. The fuel trimming mode allows a user to make instant changes to the duration of time the fuel injectors are fired. The AFR features a push button interface on the gauge allowing for quick fine tuning by the end user for each operation mode.

AFR GAUGE – The AFR gauge provides the user an analog view of air/fuel ratio values between 10 and 16. The AFR gauge is the standard size of 2-1/16 inches in diameter to allow for multiple 3rd party mounting systems to be used. A self-adjusting back lighting display allows the AFR values to clearly be visible for both daytime and nightime riding.

WIDEBAND CONTROLLER – BOSCH CHIP and O2 SENSOR – The wideband controller for the AFR uses a Bosch microcontroller for interpretating the data from the wideband Bosch O2 sensor. The AFR uses the Bosch O2 sensor part number 17018 and can be found at most local NAPA stores.


FIRST LETTER – BACK LIGHTING COLOR: DP at one time offered both a Yellow and White backlighting option which is seen when driving at night. Currently only the Yellow (Y) option is available.

SECOND LETTER – BEZEL: Two options are available being a Black (B) or Chrome (C) finish. DP suggests Black for off-road vehicles and Chrome for bikes with Chrome handle bars.

THIRD LETTER – NEEDLE: Two options are available being an Orange (O) or White (W) finish. DP suggests the Orange for most applications, but you may want to match your factory gauges.

FOURTH LETTER – LABEL: Three options are available being a White (W), Black (B) or Gray (G) look. The White is a pure white where the Gray better matches Harley factory gauges.

AFR GAUGE EXTRA PROTECTION – $25 ADDITIONAL CHARGE – EXTENDS GAUGE WARRANTY UP TO 2 YEARS. DP AFR gauges are sealed to only be water-resistant and are not 100% waterproof. For any users though who have waterproofing concerns, ride in natural elements (snowmobiles) or may at times completely submerge their vehicle under mud/water, extra coating can be applied to the electronics within the AFR gauge for this extra charge.

**See AFR Gauge Style Chart in the picture gallery above to help find the right look for your application**


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