CAMSO – UTV 4S1 Track System For Yamaha


Will fit:

Due to Camoplast minimum advertised price policy, we must list UTV Track System(s) at MSRP. TJD and Kimpex are $200 to $550 off retail pricing. Please call or e-mail us for recommendations on all track systems and pricing. 248.955.3223 |



Will fit:
450cc YXR Rhino 4×4 |2006-2009| (6522-07-5400)
660cc YXR Rhino Auto 4×4 |2004-2007| (6522-07-4610)
700cc YXR Rhino FI |2008-2013| (6522-07-4610)
700cc Viking /EPS/SE/Ranch |2014-2019| (6522-07-1425)
700cc Viking VI /EPS/SE/Ranch |2015-2019| (6522-07-1425)
700cc Wolverine /R-SPEC/EPS/SE |2016-2018| (6522-07-1638)
850cc Wolverine X2 EPS /R-SPEC/SE |2019| (6522-07-1638)
850cc Wolverine X4 EPS /SE |2018-2019| (6522-07-1638)
1000cc YXZ R /SE/SE 2/SS |2016-2018| (6522-07-1819)
1000cc YXZ R /SS/SE/LE |2019| (6522-07-1854)


This new track system reaches the next level of performance in any conditions. You simply won’t find another track kit offering this level of ride quality, performance, durability and ease of use. It’s the track system of choice for any applications including deep snow, swamps, marshes, mud, and muskeg.

  • Maintains vehicle load capacity
  • Engine-specific gearing for 400 cc and larger
  • Interchangeable with over 99% of SxS brands and models
  • Fast, easy swap from wheels to tracks and back again


    • Improved locking tensioner that increase strength, adjustment accuracy and serviceability.
    • Easier installation and improved vehicle adaptability
    • Easier adjustment with increased accuracy
    • Improved geometry adds durability in non-snow terrain and improves weight distribution
    • Internal drive, 15 to 18 teeth sprocket
    • Track width – Front: 12.5 inch Rear: 14 inch
    • Track length – Front: 98.5 inch Rear: 116.7 inch
    • System weight – Front: 103 lb Rear: 120 lb
  • Triple bearing design with oil bath lubrication
    • Improved bearing durability Stainless sleeves for greater reliability

    • Open light-weight design
    • Improved durability and performance
    • Easily sheds snow, mud, and debris

  • Rubber mount steel tandem, pivoting at each end
    • Rubber mount aluminium shaft axle, eliminates need for greasing; maintenance free
    • 132mm double bearing mid-roller wheels (width: 50mm)
    • 241mm double bearing flat free tires

  • New anti-rotation bracket bolted onto the frame with factory pre-loaded spring and dual rubber damper (rear only)
    • Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single-rate spring and progressive damper
    • Quick-connect steering limiter design
    • Maximize shock absorption to improve ride quality
  • Easier to adjust the rod and the track to the required angle
    • More comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks
    • Improved frame suspension minimizes vibration, increases ride comfort, stability and overall durability
    • High-density tire with adjusted shape
    • Reduced friction and wear
    • Deliver trouble-free performance
  • Oiled 3-bearing with forged steel multi-bolt (4-5) pattern hub
    • Enhanced wheel seal design
    • Bladder type wheel cap and face seal
    • Improved sealing, eliminating water absorption due to temperature variations

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450cc YXR Rhino 4×4, 660cc YXR Rhino Auto 4×4, 700cc YXR Rhino FI, 700cc Viking /EPS/SE/Ranch, 700cc Viking VI /EPS/SE/Ranch, 700cc Wolverine /R-SPEC/EPS/SE, 850cc Wolverine X2 EPS /R-SPEC/SE, 850cc Wolverine X4 EPS /SE, 1000cc YXZ R /SE/SE 2/SS, 1000cc YXZ R /SS/SE/LE




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