CAMSO – ATV T4S Track System For Honda


Will fit:

Due to Camoplast minimum advertised price policy, we must list UTV Track System(s) at MSRP. TJD and Kimpex are $200 to $550 off retail pricing. Please call or e-mail us for recommendations on all track systems and pricing. 248.955.3223 |



Will fit:
300cc TRX Fourtrax |1988-1992| (6622-03-8300)
300cc TRX Fourtrax |1993-2000| (6622-03-3300)
350cc TRX Fourtrax |1986-1993| (6622-03-6350)
350cc TRX Rancher |1994-2006| (6622-03-4350)
400cc TRX Foreman |1995-2003| (6622-03-6400)
400cc TRX Foreman /Rancher |2004-2007| (6622-03-4350)
420cc Rancher 4×4 Automatic DCT IRS /EPS |2015-2020| (6622-03-0615)
420cc TRX Foreman /Rancher |2009-2014| *Rear Independent Suspension* (6622-03-0429
420cc TRX Foreman /Rancher |2007-2013| *Rear Rigid Axle* (6622-03-0420)
420cc TRX Foreman /Rancher |2014-2020| *Rear Rigid Axle* (6622-03-0337)
450cc TRX Foreman |1998-2004)| (6622-03-0450)
500cc TRX Foreman |2005-2011| (6622-03-5500)
500cc TRX Foreman |2012-2013| (6622-03-0512)
500cc TRX Foreman /EPS/ES |2014-2019| (6622-03-0244)
500cc TRX Rubicon |2001-2004| (6622-03-0500)
500cc TRX Rubicon /EPS |2005-2014| (6622-03-5500)
500cc TRX Rubicon 4×4 /Automatic DCT/EPS/Deluxe |2015-2019| (6622-03-0615)
520cc TRX Foreman 4×4 /EPS/ES |2020| (6622-03-0244)
520cc TRX Rubicon 4×4 /Automatic DCT/EPS/Deluxe |2020| (6622-03-0615)
650cc TRX Rincon |2003-2005| (6622-03-0650)
680cc Rincon |2015-2020| (6622-03-0990)
680cc TRX Rincon |2006-2014| (6622-03-0650)


Not only the industry standard for ATV track systems, but also the best performer in all conditions. Experience optimal effectiveness all year long, no matter the weather and your vehicle type.

  • Reach mind-blowing versatility, stability, and handling on any terrain
  • Engine-specific gearing for 300 cc and larger
  • Tailored track systems individually to match your engine and machine
  • The size of the drive sprockets are specifically engineered and adapted to your specific vehicle
  • Interchangeable with over 99% of ATV brands and models
  • Fast, easy swap from wheels to tracks and back again


    • Improved locking tensioner that increase strength, adjustment accuracy and serviceability.
    • Easier installation and adjustment with increased accuracy
    • Improved geometry adds durability in non-snow terrain and improves weight distribution
    • Low center of gravity and bigger footprint for greater stability
    • Less vibration for more comfort
    • Internal drive, 15 to 18 teeth sprocket
  • Bearing Housing
    • Outer seals and stainless steel sleeves
    • Improved bearing durability for greater reliability
    • Cast steel multi-bolt (4) pattern hub

    • Open light-weight design
    • Improved durability and performance
    • Easily sheds snow, mud, and debris

  • Flex-Track Design
    • Front mounted tracks with flexible sides and slight curve toward the inside
    • Stable handling
    • More comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks
    • Track width – Front: 11.5 inch Rear: 12.5 inch
  • Tandem stabilizer and suspension
    • Mono front tandem on pivot point with bolted wheels
    • Bolt on tandem mid-roller wheel
    • Provides a smoother ride by absorbing shocks
    • Guide design made from molded UHMW

  • New anti-rotation system is designed with factory pre-loaded spring and dual rubber damper
    • Keeping tracks firmly in place
    • Redesigned mild steel anti-rotation single-rate spring and progressive damper
    • Quick-connect steering limiter design
    • Built to absorb the impact of every bump and jolt preventing vehicle damage
    • Rear track spring anti-rotation system allows you to back up over obstacles
  • Idler and mid-roller wheels
    • 134 and 202 mm sealed wheel and bearing with elastomeric outer band
    • Provides a longer life in rough conditions, 100% ice-free
    • Fitted wheel cap with bladder, eliminating water absorption


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300cc TRX Fourtrax 88'-92', 300cc TRX Fourtrax 93'-00', 350cc TRX Fourtrax, 350cc TRX Rancher, 400 TRX Foreman /Rancher 04'-07', 400cc TRX Foreman 95'-03', 420cc Rancher 4×4 Automatic DCT IRS /EPS, 500cc TRX Rubicon 4×4 /Automatic DCT/EPS/Deluxe 15'-19', 520cc TRX Rubicon 4×4 /Automatic DCT/EPS/Deluxe, 420cc TRX Foreman /Rancher 09'-14', 420cc TRX Foreman /Rancher 07'-13', 420cc TRX Foreman /Rancher 14'-20', 450cc TRX Foreman, 500cc TRX Foreman 05'-11', 500cc TRX Rubicon /EPS 05'-14', 500cc TRX Foreman 12'-13', 500cc TRX Foreman /EPS/ES 14'-19', 520cc TRX Foreman 4×4 /EPS/ES, 500cc TRX Rubicon 01'-04', 650cc TRX Rincon, 680cc TRX Rincon 06'-14', 680cc Rincon 15'-20'




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