Evolution Powersports – Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail STAINLESS STEEL “BULLET” LIGHTWEIGHT MUFFLER SYSTEM


Will fit:
Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail

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Model #: EX-WCTR-BUL

Will fit:
Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail

The Evolution Powersports Billet Aluminum / Stainless Steel “BULLET” Lightweight Sport Muffler System is engineered to increase performance of the Wildcat Trail engine by significantly reducing exhaust back pressure. Our free flowing “Through Flow” thick wall Stainless canister helps create a distinctive and aggressive exhaust sound while maintaining a reasonable decibel level. Our unique design incorporates a removable CNC machined billet aluminum exhaust tip which allows the muffler to be serviceable if necessary. The canister has a stainless core surrounded by automotive quality stainless steel wool with additional high density, long lasting sound deadening materials. A spark arrestor is integrated into the design. The core features a unique dimpled “db killer” which further reduces the sound. The exhaust inlet and outlet are both CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum which gives the muffler outlet a unique raw machined aluminum finish which can be anodized black, green or red. The exhaust utilizes the OEM exhaust doughnut and exhaust springs for stock like fit. Power is increased by 4 HP 3.5 Lb Ft of torque at the wheels as measured on our Mustang 500 SE chassis Dyno.

Key Features:
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Stainless Steel and billet aluminum construction
  • Automotive type packing and construction which does not need rebuilding
  • Integrated spark arrestor
  • Deep, Harley sounding exhaust note, yet only marginally louder than stock due to our unique stainless construction with integrated “Db Killer”
  • For those who want it loud, the DB killer can be eliminated


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